Long Distance Non Emergency Medical Transportation FAQ’s

Must a family member or companion travel with the patient?
A nurse and two drivers will be with the patient during the long distance transport. It is not necessary for a relative or family member to travel along with the patient. However, we do have room for one additional person to accompany the patient. While traveling long distance on a non-emergency medical transport, the team frequently entertains the patient; plays games, cards and watches TV with the patient.

Where do we meet the MED COACH?
The coach comes directly to your home, nursing facility or medical facility. The patient accompanied by the nurse is brought out by stretcher or wheelchair and transferred into the coach. Upon arriving at the destination the MedCoach team brings the patient out of the coach and safely transfers them to their bed in your residence or receiving medical facility.

What time of day will you pick us up?
The coach can travel at any time. However, this is coordinated by our incredible Operations Team working with the family or medical facility to make sure the time of pick-up and drop off are the best possible. Many medical facilities only allow discharges and admissions to be done during certain hours. So, we handle all of the logistics, making it easier for you. The drivers change off frequently through the transport and even have a bed above the drivers’ area for them to lay down and sleep to stay well rested, regardless of the length of the transport.

Will we be able to contact anyone during the trip?
We know how stressful transporting a loved one can be for family members. So, you will be given a direct phone number to reach the bedside nurse. You may call it to keep up to date as often as you like during your loved one’s travel. You can request that our Operations Team calls you or other family members at preset intervals during the transport.

What kind of food is available on the trip?
Each coach is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and freezer. You are welcome to bring any special foods you like. However, we provide any snacks, drinks, and food that the patient or passenger would like. Just let us know your favorite items and we will even have them on the coach for you when we arrive. If during the transport you are in the mood for something we don’t have onboard, just ask and we will stop and get it for you!  We will also order take-out foods including full meals from any restaurant that is available along the way. We often get meals from places like Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans, Chili’s, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden, just to name a few. But, sometimes people just want an ice cream cone from McDonald’s or a Starbucks coffee. Just ask and we will go there too. Of course, this is all provided at no additional cost to you.

How much luggage can I take along?
The MED COACH has room for two carry on sized bags per person. But, if you need to bring oversized items, like a power chair, electric scooter, additional medical equipment, or additional belongings, we can tow a small enclosed trailer on the back of the coach for an additional fee. Just let our Reservations Team member know what you will need to bring, so that we can alert our drivers and be sure to have the trailer when we arrive.  Our policy states that all luggage may be inspected and must be approved by the operations manager.

How do I reserve the MED COACH?
The best way to be sure we have a coach and team available of the date you prefer to travel is to make a reservation. A coach is easily reserved for you for the proposed travel date with a credit card and is easily rescheduled if you change the date. It is best to reserve the MED COACH as soon as you have a date in mind and reserve the earliest available day to be transported in our long distance non-emergency medical transport coaches.