Long Distance Non Emergency Medical Transportation FAQ’s

Must a family member or companion travel with the patient?
A nurse and two drivers are with the patient at all times. It is not necessary for a relative or family member to travel along with the patient. While traveling long distance on a non emergency medical transport, the team frequently entertains the patient; plays games, cards and watches TV with the patient.

Where do we meet the MED COACH?
The coach comes directly to your home, nursing facility or medical facility. The patient accompanied by the nurse is brought out by stretcher or wheelchair and transferred into the coach. Upon arriving at your destination the coach brings you directly to your doorstep or receiving facility.

What time of day will you pick us up?
The coach can travel at any time. However it is usually best to travel early in the morning during daylight hours. The drivers change off and frequently drive through the night allowing the patient and family member to sleep and arrive fresh in the morning.

Will we be able to contact anyone during the trip?
The drivers and the nurse have cell phones and contact the travel coordinators at headquarters. We keep you in touch with family members whenever you like.  A Board certified emergency physician is available 24 hours per day for any medical questions or concerns that may arise.

What kind of food is available on the trip?
The coach is equipped with a full kitchen, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. You are welcome to bring any special foods you like. We provide juices, soft drinks, snacks, sandwiches, yogurt, puddings, applesauce, fruit cocktail mix etc. The coach will order take-out from a nice restaurant like Cracker Barrel and serve dinner in the dining area of the coach.

How much luggage can I take along?
The MED COACH has a large baggage area which allows for several large pieces of luggage and several large boxes. TV sets up to 30″ are also able to be transported in our long distance non emergency medical transport coaches. Our policy states that all luggage may be inspected and must be approved by the operations manager.

How do I reserve the MED COACH?
The Coach is reserved for you for the proposed date with a credit card and rescheduled if you change the date. It is best to reserve the MED COACH as soon as you have a date in mind and reserve the earliest available day.


Minimum Transport Mileage

All transports are required to be a minimum of 300 miles
**Exceptions: FL and CA
**Florida and California require a minimum of 150 miles for each transport**